Delivery Tolerance settings in SAP MM

Published On: 2021/07/10

Business Scenario : PO quantity was for 100 liters. However, 120 liters were delivered. This larger quantity needs to be received in the system.

Larger quantities than ordered quantity can be received in the system either by an automatic PO creation via MIGO or by setting a delivery tolerance in Purchase Order, Material Master or Info record. Here we will check how this delivery tolerance can be set. It should be noted that the changes made in material master and info record will reflect only for future PO’s . So for the business scenario mentioned above the best method would be to set the delivery tolerance in Purchase order. The different ways to set Delivery Tolerance is given below

  1. Delivery tolerance via PO

In Create/Change Purchase Order (ME21N/ME22N) you can set the delivery tolerance at the line item level for each material under Delivery tab.

  1. Delivery tolerance in Material Master record

The Delivery tolerance is set in the Purchasing value key field under Purchasing view in the Material Master record (Tcode:MM01)

The required customization is made in ‘Define Purchasing Value Keys’

IMG Menu:Materials Management– Purchasing– Material Master– Define Purchasing Value Keys

The configuration made above is reflected in Purchasing value key field in Purchasing tab of Material Master record (MM01)

In the Purchasing view screen, you can select the delivery tolerance from the values given in the Purchasing value key field.

  1. Delivery tolerance in Info Record

The Delivery tolerance can be set on the Purchasing Org data screen in the Info record

Set tolerance for materials without Material master record

The delivery tolerance for materials without Material Master record can be set in an Info record. SAP allows you to create an Info record without mentioning a material name. Instead you will have to mention a Material Group in the Create info record: general data screen.

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